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Create your next generation of applications and services, giving you the opportunity to innovate and grow your business.

Explore what nbn has to offer

As a wholesale-only company, nbn delivers the products and services you need to sell nbn™ network services to your customers. Get started by exploring what nbn has to offer businesses that are intending to become an nbn™ Service Provider. Then complete the pre-qualification questionnaire to see if you are eligible to be considered for direct onboarding with nbn.

Products, services and pricing

nbn™ Product Development is customer-led with extensive consultation and hours of deep-dive analysis.

Industry consultation

We value your participation and contribution in our forums and industry events, which in turn helps us to develop better products and operational interfaces.

Supply agreements

nbn has a number of standard forms of access agreement that relate to the supply of products and services to its customers.

Special Access Undertaking (SAU)

The SAU is a key part of the regulatory framework that governs the prices nbn, as a wholesale open access telecommunications network, can charge for the services it supplies to retail telecommunications companies, as well as other relevant terms and conditions.

Operating the network

At nbn, our operations are safe, disciplined and reliable. Moreover, the operational capabilities of the nbn™ network are built around the ethos of integrity, performance and quality.

Onboarding process

Our onboarding process is a seamless procedure that’s designed to enable eligible Service Providers to connect customers to the nbn™ network as soon as possible.

Do you qualify to sell nbn™ network services?

To see if you are eligible to be considered for direct onboarding with nbn, complete the pre-qualification questionnaire.

Things to consider

There are other things to consider before you start selling services over the nbn™ network such as the Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA), the Competition and Consumer Act, the Telecommunications Act, and the National Broadband Network Companies Act. If you are not yet ready to on-board and sell nbn™ network services, there is an Information Agreement that may be better suited for your purposes.

Service providers must be a licensed carrier, carriage service provider, or content service provider or a Specified Utility engaging in a related Specified Activity, meet nbn's credit test requirements and interoperability accreditation requirements to be eligible to acquire nbn’s services.

Information Requests 

On written request by an access seeker* nbn may provide additional information regarding specific aspects of nbn's products, activities or services. This additional information may constitute Confidential Information under the Wholesale Broadband Agreement, the Satellite Wholesale Broadband Agreement, the Test Agreement and/or any other confidentiality agreement entered into between the access seeker and nbn as a condition of providing the information.

* To make a request of this type, an 'access seeker' must be either: (1) a Telecommunications Act service provider that has entered into the Wholesale Broadband Agreement (or another access agreement) with nbn; or (2) a Telecommunications Act service provider that: (i) has not yet entered into a Wholesale Broadband Agreement (or other access agreement) with nbn but is proposing to do so; or (ii) wants access to, or is proposing to make a request for the supply of a declared nbn service under the Wholesale Broadband Agreement (or other access agreement); and (iii) has (or is prepared to where required by nbn) signed an appropriate non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement with nbn for the purposes of the provision of the information.

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